Private Air Transportation

The client defines his/her own flight itinerary according to their needs and is not subject to the flight schedules of regular commercial flights.

No queues or long waiting at the airports, since Total Fusion personnel takes care of the procedures required by local authorities (immigration and customs) beforehand.

Complete privacy:

  • Air office
  • Rest or pleasure


  • The client decides who will be onboard.
  • Flight crew well trained in air safety procedures, first aid and any type of incident out of the ordinary that may  take place while in the air; therefore, ensuring passenger safety.
  • Familiarization with the flight and service crew.

First class service onboard:

  • Special requests
  • Catering service
  • Varied entertainment

Executive Assistant Onboard

Complementing Total Fusion´s services, in the area of Corporate Flight Operations, we offer the option of an “Executive Assistant" onboard, which will be entrusted with the following duties, to guarantee a very pleasant flight:

  • Cabin Safety
  • Comfort, convenience and confidentiality
  • First class service

Part of this innovative idea is closely linked to the complete range of services that Total Fusion desires to provide to each one of its costumers, extending the personalized attention, not only in the basic duties of a crewmember, but to widen these duties toward a high quality level of executive assistance onboard.

Executive Assitant's Profile

  • Tourism degree (travel agency, airline and hotel management)
  • ICAO Certified Flight Attendant (Boeing 727, 737, DC9, E-190, A-320)
  • Multi-lingual (English, Spanish, French, German)
  • First aid and CPR training
  • Ditching and survival training
  • Emergency procedures training
  • Onboard service training

Ultralight Flight Adventure

As we fly over the Carara Biological Reserve and it´s lush green carpet of tree tops, we are flying low and slow in to the Grand Tárcoles River home of the crocodiles and as the river meets the blue Pacific Ocean we go down the clean beaches low so you can take in its beauty, we meet the 600ft Tulin waterfall and fly in to the beautiful town of Bijagual.

  • Flight time: (Minimum 20 minutes)
  • Price: $65 to $150 USD per person
Directorio de Costa Rica