Total Health

Total Health originated in response to existing deficiencies in integrated preventive health programs for people with high levels of work-related and emotional stress, with limited time for full personal care.

Health Treatment, Optimization and Prevention

Total Health simplifies this process, reaching you wherever required in order to carry out a complete, private, comfortable and top quality assessment, adapting the analysis according to your age and risk factors in order to offer you specific recommendations.

We brought together an interdisciplinary group of health professionals at your service for you to achieve your optimum level of physical and emotional health:

  • Medical Specialties
  • Optometry (eye exams-house calls)
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Personal trainers
  • Online consultation
  • Informative lectures
  • Metabolic Typing
  • 24 hour medical attention
  • Psychological and spiritual support network

We want to offer you and your family the continuous care needed not only to:”FEEL WELL” but to: “BE WELL”

Total Health Pakage

Discover our most popular One Week Package:

  • Day 1: Medical evaluation and complete lab tests.
  • Day 2: Lab test results / diagnosis and metabolic typing.
  • Day 3: Training Program presentation by a personal trainer at the gym.
  • Day 4: Therapeutic Massage.
  • Day 5: Workout time with personal trainer.
  • Day 6: Interpretation of Metabolic Typing Test.
  • Day 7: Workout time with personal trainer.

Cost: $1,299.00 USD

This health getaway package can be combined with the hotel, tours and activities of your choice for an additional cost. Let us pamper you in beautiful Costa Rica!

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