Some processes and procedures are way too complicated and end up being time, money and energy consuming.

Our goal is to make it simpler, faster, cheaper and better for you.

We have a body of responsible, professional consultants ready to get on board and provide results as soon as possible, becoming an effective solution for you, your family or your company.

Our specialists have many years of proven experience in their field with a vast knowledge of Costa Rican legislation. This will guarantee that your needs are resolved the right way and to your satisfaction.


Our accounting experts will handle all your bookkeeping, as well as the preparation of reports, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements, they could forecast, and even do the tax planning and preparation.


Our financial consultants are ready to guide you in subjects like banking, foreign exchange, investments, insurance, retirement plans, etc.


Our Legal professionals offer you assistance with commerce and customs, environment, taxes, real state, tourism, labor issues, intellectual property and other areas of knowledge of their expertise.


Our administrative specialists will help you plan in advance; link opportunities to make your business grow, advise you in conflict resolution, facilitate resources, negotiate and represent you when needed.

Security Consultancy

Security consultants with a specialty in high risk security management and consulting services to individuals, businesses, corporations, insurance companies, and government entities in all Latin America.

Offices throughout Central and South America with services worldwide and a Global Satellite Monitoring Center in Costa Rica. We can provide secure transfer transportation to and from airports, security drivers and vehicles to meet your security needs.

Directorio de Costa Rica