Hectic lives, daily stress, heavy traffic? Time is never enough?
We can be part of the solution, taking some weight off your shoulders.

There is so much we can do for you if you consider us your right hand, ready to work for you. We’ll help you maximize your free time as you let us take care of chores that you never have enough time for. We have the best offer in services and providers to deliver quality solutions and to help you stay on budget.

Our services include

  • 24/7 availability
  • Personalized timely service
  • Travel agenda planning and booking for business or leisure
  • Logistics for corporate events or family gatherings
  • Booking hotel reservations, car rentals or medical appointments
  • Shopping, groceries, laundry and other errands
  • We will even cook for you!

Bottom line… We’ll do whatever it takes to make your life easier!

We can help you manage your home, your trips, your events and your errands so you can invest quality time in what really matters.

Executive protection

Personal executive protection armed and unarmed to the general public sector. We are able to provide you real estate and business escorts. As well, escorts so you can run your errand. We'll protect you while you go to the bank, to a shopping plaza, or out of town for any event. We physically guard celebrities, executives, dignitaries, government officials and their families, we offer special one-on-one discreet and confidential security protection services from a devastating crisis.

Directorio de Costa Rica