Aircraft Management

You did not acquire an aircraft to add to your work load, having to become its full time administrator, but rather to maximize your resources and turn this important investment into a productive source for you and your Company.

Flight Operations

A phone call, fax or e-mail is all that is required for our Flight Operations Department to give personalized treatment to all your needs.

  • Personnel available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Coordination with top aircraft operators worldwide offering VIP flights locally and internationally, including air ambulance.
  • Flight tracking from point of departure to point of arrival.
  • Ground handling and flight dispatch.
  • Catering services.
  • Coordination of passenger and crew accommodations and transportation.
  • Limousine services.
  • Executive Assistant Onboard.

Human Resources Management

We handle the administration and training of your flight personnel.

  • Hiring of qualified professionals in the different areas of the aeronautics, according to its specialty, by means of agreements with airlines world-wide.
  • Training for Pilots, Cabin Crew Members, Mechanics, Flight Dispatchers and Air Controllers at the best world´s training centers.
  • New Internet-based training and evaluation system.
  • Seminars and training that go beyond the legal requirements in order to comply with the highest safety standards.
  • Stringent medical assessments and analyses that go beyond routine medical controls in order to guarantee the health of both crew and personnel, by means of our unique and novel "Total Health" program.
  • Expert consultancies in different areas such as: aviation law, aircraft maintenance, integral psychology, finance, tourist project development, appraisals.

Maintenance Services

Our greatest concern: YOUR SAFETY. Our commitment: TO GUARANTEE IT.

  • Duly qualified and certified personnel.
  • Coordination of partial or full maintenance.
  • Tracking of critical aircraft components limited by date and time use.
  • Monitoring of engine parameters using a computerized system for the timely detection and prevention of even the slightest damage.
  • These and other tools will give you the certainty and peace of mind that your aircraft is always in top condition before every flight.

Training Packages

Our Pilot and Crew Training Packages start at only $750.00 per person.

Aircraft management from $55.00 per hour.


Level A/C Type Approval
C A-300 B4 FAA
C & D A-320 FAA / JAA
C & D A-330 FAA / JAA


Level A/C Type Approval
A B707 FAA
C B727-200 FAA
C B737-200 FAA
C & D B737-300 FAA / JAA
C B737-400 FAA
C & D B737-700 FAA
C & D B737-800 FAA
C B747-200 FAA
C & D B747-400 FAA / JAA
C & D B757-200 FAA
C & D B767-200/300 FAA / JAA
D B777-200/300 FAA

MCDonnell Douglas

Level A/C Type Approval
C MD-82/83 FAA
C DC-10-10 FAA
C DC-10-30 FAA


Level A/C Type Approval
C SF-340 A/B FAA / JAA
Directorio de Costa Rica