Our focus is to deliver smart, fun and innovative solutions that enhance your personal and professional lifestyle while saving you money. Who said doing business has to be boring?

Stop paying multiple companies to get the job done. Total Fusion provides Aviation, Health & Fitness, Travel & Recreation, Relocation, Concierge, Consulting and Real Estate solutions.


Our mission is to facilitate and handle air, sea and land services in an integrated model for top level executives in order to satisfy the needs of the corporate sector in a timely and efficient manner, at a lower cost.


Our vision is to be a leading corporation, recognized world-wide for its Christian Values, and using the services we offer as a means to carry out God's Work.

Our History

I have dreamt of being a pilot since I was a child. I remember how the thrill of flying would keep me awake in anticipation the night before that long awaited flight.

I remember the TV ads and the music advertising the wonderful dream; the characteristic airport smell; the waiting rooms full of people and, of course, the beautiful flight attendants.

I remember how I admired the pilots; I remember being in the cockpit surrounded by all those instruments and wondering over and over again how they did it.

Today, not only do I remember those feelings, but I live them intensely. Every time I hear a plane, my heart starts pounding the same as when I was a child.

It has been 21 years since my first solo flight behind the controls of a light aircraft, and each time I fly the skies, I remember that no matter how big things may seem, from up above everything becomes very small and insignificant.

These 18 years as a professional pilot have literally flown by, including 7 years flying with an airline and 11 in corporate aviation, and I stop to think how this privilege few enjoy has allowed me to experience among other things, constant miracles.

These experiences have had a positive and direct impact on my life, and have not only helped shape this vision God has given me, but have also given me the tools to carry it out in His time, not in mine.

Our Ideas

This is how Total Fusion was born, a company based on Christian principles and values. We are already revolutionizing the way business is done, not only in aviation, but in areas such as tourism, health, real estate and project development.

We have developed a structure that brings together all the necessary services through a single point of contact, offering a personalized and timely service. No similar product is available in any other Central American country.

All the team members are not only close friends and brothers in faith, but are also successful professionals in many areas, with many years of accumulated experience.

We welcome you to be part of this great company!

A Personal Invitation

Guillermo Federico Hoppe, President & CEO.

What makes us special is the fact that we are committed to give something back to society, to sow a seed of faith and hope in the hearts of all those with whom we establish a business relationship daily.

What makes us unique is in WHAT and in WHOM we always believe and trust despite the circumstances that surround us. I would like to invite you to become part of this dream. I can assure you that this is the best business proposal you have received in quite some time.

Directorio de Costa Rica